What is flat rate software? Enter your labor rate and your preferred parts profit markup, and let Calls4Control.com automatically price out the repair based on the national standard. Flat rate eliminates confusion and makes your service invoicing more consistent.

Parts Markup Multiplier

With Calls4Control.com, you can set your three levels of price markup set it and let Calls4Control.com do all the calculating for you with your customer invoicing.

  • Parts Multiplier Markup for Parts Cost Less Than $1.00.
  • Parts Multiplier Markup for Parts Cost $1.01 to $200.00
  • Parts Multiplier Markup for Parts Cost $200.01 and Greater
Parts Multiplier Markup Screenshot

Labor Rate

Next you have the ability to setup an unlimited amount of labor rate selections. If you have a standard rate for residential customer’s rates, you can enter your own description and set your rate per hour.

Labor Rate Screenshot

Flate Rate Calculation Algorithm

Now, you can site back and let Calls4Control.com calculate the flat rate pricing from the expansive database of repair parts and the national standard cost and labor time for manufacture part.