Come back often to see news about upcoming new features. We are always working on improving and adding new features to help you manage your customer paperless system.

Quickbooks Integration*

We are weeks away from integrating with Intuit Quickbooks Pro Desktop version. A large number of our customers use Quickbooks for their day to day operation. We have listened to them. They wanted us to incoporate with Quickbooks. When your technicians complete their invoices, the office staff can sync invoices to create them automatically into Quickbooks. If you don’t want to sync an invoice, no problem. You can pick and choose which invoices to sync.

Quickbooks Desktop Pro 2016, Quickbooks Desktop Pro 2019, Quickbooks Desktop Premiere 2016, Quickbooks Desktop Premiere 2019

*Quickbooks Integration is an additional charge of $125.00 annually

Inventory Management

Included in your subscription will be inventory Management. You can add your inventory to the system with part numbers, description, inventory suggested stock, actual stock, and location. Your technicians will be able to see at a glance what you have in stock. They can mark an item they used and can run a report of items needed to reorder. Expected completion of the inventory module March 1, 2021.

GPS Fleet Tracking*

We have requests to add GPS Fleet Tracking in the application. We are teaming with GPS tracking manufacturers to incorporate their tracking device mapping software within the site. GPS tracking along with the inter app messaging already provided increases your communication level to always be in the know where and when your technician will arrive.

*GPS Fleet Tracking is additional charge paid monthly to GPS Provider

Net Profit Quotations

Do want to be more consistent with your quotes and know what your break even cost is for a specific job? Our Net Profit Quotations will give you the ability to see exactly where you stand on your profit for a new installation of your equipment.

Want a complete proposal system we have designed to make your quotes easier and simpler. We already have a separate proposal software that does just that. Mobile Friendly too.